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Do you sit on your boat while it's parked in the driveway, ready for the waves with no water in sight? We didn't think so. Then why would you insure it with a policy meant for a home?

A boat can bring you a lot of good times! It's also a commitment of time and money. That's a big investment to put at risk when a typical homeowners policy will not adequately cover your boat! Western Star can help you choose the Foremost coverages you want for your boat, so you can go out and enjoy the waves.

Foremost has you covered:

  • Agreed Value Hull Coverage. Foremost doesn't nickel and dime you at the time of a loss. Foremost will insure your boat for an agreed upon amount—period. That means we will pay the amount of insurance if you have a covered total loss, as stated on your policy Declarations page. This gives you an added measure of protection. Available on boats newer than 26 years old.
  • Total Loss Settlement Endorsement. Do you have a new boat and want to have extra protection in the event of a total loss? This can save you a lot of worry and money! We will pay up to 20% more than the amount of insurance to repair or replace a covered watercraft with a current model. And it only costs $10 to add to your coverage! The endorsement must be added to the policy no later than one year after the watercraft's model year. Eligibility continues during the five years following the model year, provided it's successively renewed with the policy. This way you don't have to worry about depreciation.
  • Liability Only. Liability coverage is meant for accidents involving your boat (the coverage is for third-party injuries and property damage). This option allows you to make the decision to only buy Liability coverage. You decide.
  • Increased Limits. You can choose the limits that you want on your liability.
  • Annual Policy. If there's a beautiful sunny day, you don't want to miss it. No calls, no hassle—with our annual policy, your boat is insured even in the "off-season."
  • Optional Actual Cash Value Hull Coverage. With this coverage we will apply depreciation at the time of loss. You choose the coverage you want and the premium option that works for you.
  • Towing and Assistance. Foremost will pay for towing or assistance expenses you incur while in the water or on the road (with a trailer equipped to transport your boat safely).
  • Pollution Liability. This covers sudden and accidental oil or fuel spills from your watercraft because of an accident for which you are legally responsible.
  • Trailer Coverage. The Foremost Boat Insurance Program covers trailers equipped to transport your boat safely (exclusions apply).
  • Medical Payments. Hopefully never needed, but always important with boat insurance, this coverage pays for the necessary medical care you receive as a result of a boating accident. This program also covers any guests in the boat at the time of the accident.
  • Personal Property. Fishing equipment, wet suits and more are covered with Personal Property coverage.
  • Uninsured Watercraft. This takes care of YOU, when the other at-fault person doesn't have insurance. Uninsured Watercraft will cover injuries and damages that you incur that the other person is legally liable for, such as medical treatment and lost wages.
  • Wreck Removal. Foremost covers just that, wreckage removal. When you are involved in an accident with a third party, this pays for reasonable costs from any attempted raising, removal or destruction of your insured boat.
  • Water Sports Liability. This is automatically included with a purchase of liability coverage and covers bodily injury or property damage caused by someone towed by your watercraft for activities such as waterskiing, knee boarding, wakeboarding or tubing. Devices that are designed for flight are excluded.

Does Foremost insure you?

A Foremost boat policy covers a wide range of boats—sail and power, inboard, outboard, inboard-outdrive and jet drive. Just about any make or model of boat can be covered under the Foremost program. Let Western Star help you choose the Foremost coverages you want for your watercraft.

You Choose!

Foremost offers flexible payment plans, including pay online, by mail or electronic funds transfer. Keep in mind that higher deductibles can help lower the cost of your premium.

While it's true that boating accidents are less common than car accidents, the bottom line is when a boating accident happens you want the right coverage. Trusting your boat to a homeowners policy may bring you an unpleasant surprise at claim time. That's why we are here to tell you that a Foremost boat policy, beyond your homeowners policy, can cover you so you can continue to ride the waves.

What If? No Insurance/Added to your Homeowners Policy Foremost Boat Policy
What if your boat hits another vessel and sinks to the bottom of the lake? You will more than likely be responsible for having your boat pulled out of the lake. You may also be responsible for costs associated with pollution cleanup for the fuel and other chemicals that have leaked from your boat. A Foremost boat policy offers coverage for towing, recovery, pollution cleanup, and repair or replacement.
What if my boat is in an accident and is considered a total loss? Many homeowners policies only offer a low limit of coverage for your boat…not necessarily the value of your watercraft. With a Foremost Agreed Value Boat Policy, you receive the amount of insurance in the event of a total loss. The amount isn't depreciated so you know what you will get!
What if your boat is docked and theft occurs on board, with fishing poles, clothing or coolers stolen? Some types of homeowners policies place strict limits on off-premises coverage or could exclude certain types of personal property. A Foremost Boat Policy provides protection for your personal property. This way you can take your personal items with you on the water.
What if another boat that doesn't have insurance causes damage to your boat? You may end up paying for all the repairs to your boat out of your pocket. A Foremost Boat Policy provides an uninsured boat option that covers you in the event the person at fault is not insured.

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